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  • 4300 King Springs Road, S.E. Smyrna, GA 30082-4214

Our phone numbers

  • Church Office: 770-432-8579
  • Religious Education Office: 770-432-5296
  • Preschool Office: 770-293-1267
  • Fax: 770-432-8570

Our Parish Staff is here to serve you through leadership, discipleship, prayer, organization and encouragement. If you wish to contact a specific party, please refer to the Staff Directory below.
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NamePositionExtension and e-mail
Rev. Brian R. Sheridan, M.S., V.F.Pastor770-432-8579 Ext. 108
E-mail Fr. Brian
Rev. Clemente Felix Mario, M.S.Parochial Vicar770-432-8579 Ext. 128
E-mail Fr. Clemente at cmario@archatl.com
Rev. Paul Rainville, M.S.In Residence770-432-8579 Ext. 193
E-mail Fr. Paul at pgrainville@yahoo.com
Rev. Jaime Molina, M.N.M.Parochial Vicar770-432-8579 Ext, 121
E-mail Fr. Jaime at stthomasga@stthomastheapostle.org
Parish OfficeReception Desk770-432-8579 Ext. 0
E-mail the Parish Office at stthomasga@stthomastheapostle.org
Araceli RomeroParish Secretary
Baptism Coordinator
Bulletin Editor
770-432-8579 Ext. 101
E-mail Araceli at aromero@stthomastheapostle.org
Yesenia CruzParish Secretary770-432-8579 Ext. 100
E-mail Yesenia at ycruz@stthomastheapostle.org
Jazlyn RiveraEvangelization Assistant
Evening Secretary
770-432-8579 Ext. 126
E-mail Jazlyn at jrivera@stthomastheapostle.org
Ed Van BurenBusiness Manager770-432-8579 Ext. 111
E-mail evanburen@stthomastheapostle.org
Galina MartinAdministrative Assistant770-432-8579 Ext. 109
E-mail Galina at gmartin@stthomastheapostle.org
Cindy HaganAdministrative Assistant770-432-8579 Ext. 107
E-mail María at mgalvan@stthomastheapostle.org
Raina SavaryAdministrative Assistant
Online Giving
770-432-8579 Ext. 123
E-mail Raina at rsavary@stthomastheapostle.org
John CaseyAdministrative Assistant
Data Base Maintenance
770-432-8579 Ext. 130
E-mail John at jcasey@stthomastheapostle.org
Tom HopwoodMaintenance Supervisor770-432-8579 Ext. 189
E-mail Tom at thopwood@stthomastheapostle.org
Patty SmithMusic Director770-432-8579 Ext. 117
E-mail Patty at psmith@stthomastheapostle.org
Maria SmithNursery Director770-432-8579 Ext. 114
Sue SenecalDirector of Religious Education770-432-8579 Ext. 112
E-mail Sue at ssenecal@stthomastheapostle.org
Elizabeth MedinaPSR Coordinator770-432-8579 Ext 115
E-mail Elizabeth at emedina@stthomastheapostle.org
Lori RodgersPSR Coordinator
770-432-8579 Ext. 124
E-mail Lori at lrodgers@stthomastheapostle.org
Penny BradleyPSR Coordinator770-432-8579 Ext. 113
E-mail Penny at pbradley@stthomastheapostle.org
Linda VeitDirector Adult Faith Formation
RCIA Coordinator
770-432-8579 Ext. 131
E-mail Linda at lveit@stthomastheapostle.org
Danny HernandezLife Teen Lead
Edge Support
770-432-8579 Ext. 132
E-mail Danny at dhernandez@stthomastheapostle.org
Karina RodriguezEDGE - Coordinator
Youth Minister Assistant
770-432-8579 Ext. 116
E-mail Karina at krodriguez@stthomastheapostle.org