Staff Directory

Our Parish Staff is here to serve you through leadership, discipleship, prayer, organization and encouragement.

Not sure who to speak to?

Email us and we will have the staff follow up with you.

If you wish to contact a specific party, please refer to the Staff Directory below.

Parish Priests

Rev. Brian Sheridan, M.S.
Rev. Clemente Mario, M.S.
Parochial Vicar
Rev. Jaime Molina, M.N.M.
Parochial Vicar

Parish Deacons

Dcn. Michael Garrett
Dcn. Earl Jackson

Parish Staff

Galina Martin-Rodriguez
Business Manager
Mara Luna
Accounts Payable
Cindy Hagan
Accounts Receivable
Araceli Romero
Parish Secretary, Baptism Coordinator, Bulletin Editor, Social Media Coordinator
Enrique Tovias
Parish Secretary and Funeral Support
Angeles Moreno
Evangelization Assistant, Evening Secretary
Dcn. Michael Garrett
PSR Coordinator
Elizabeth Medina
First Communion / PSR Secretary Español
Danny Hernandez
Life Teen Lead, Edge Support
Estela Montoya
Life Teen – Coordinator, Youth Minister
Linda Veit
Director Adult Faith Formation, RCIA Coordinator
Raina Savary
Online Giving
John Casey
Parish Data Base and Registration
Patty Smith
Music Director