Through the Wardrobe: Forming Souls with Storytelling

Celebrate the gift of storytelling and its vital role in classical Catholic education with Holy Spirit Preparatory School.

Join Holy Spirit Preparatory School on July 16 in the Social Hall beginning at 6:30PM for
hors d’oeuvres and fellowship, followed by a thought-provoking talk and meaningful conversations at 7:00PM that explore the timeless wisdom found in the classical literature of Western Civilization.

After twelve years of teaching, Mary Zuniga offers a fresh perspective on the great need for good storytelling in an age that is broken and searching for answers. Her dynamic teaching style is integrated with encouragement and enrichment in the shared desire to form souls with strong character, nourished in virtue, and informed in the dispositions of the heart. This unique look at fairy tales and classic children’s literature will renew your desire to cultivate the imaginations of your children, as well as your own, by filling it with images anchored in truth, goodness, and beauty.