Why do we come to St. Thomas Apostle Catholic Church?

Jun 30, 2011 Comments Off on Why do we come to St. Thomas Apostle Catholic Church?

It was close to where we live and we wanted to be part of a church.  We didn’t immediately register with St. Thomas the Apostle because we travelled a lot back to Hawaii where we came from or on business trips and only spent about 6-7 months attending the 9:30 a.m. Mass, since coming here in July 2010.  Recently, my husband and I made a decision to stop travelling so much and to plant ourselves here in Smyrna and be more involved with the community and St. Thomas the Apostle…

While reading the Sunday Bulletin with its valued information, we came upon the article for someone to head the “Welcome Ministry,” boy were we flabbergasted.  Not knowing there was a Welcome Ministry, we decided to email Yeyme. We got to meet her at the La Salette Celebration and immediately felt “welcomed to the church.”  Well, we did say we wanted to get more involved, so we attended a Welcome Ministry meeting, the Knights of Columbus Breakfast and I attended the Meet & Greet Women’s Auxiliary Meeting and even went and visited the St Vincent de Paul Thrift Shop in Marietta.  Just in a few weeks I’ve felt so comfortable and accepted into the St Thomas the Apostle community, I’ve registered my husband and I with St. Thomas and I’ve joined the Welcome Ministry (with my husband) and the Women’s Auxiliary.   My husband and I look forward to meeting more wonderful parishioners and being more involved (stepping out of your box can be a good thing) with our newly acquainted family here at St. Thomas.

God works in many different ways and this is one we both accept with open arms.

“Whoever listens to you listens to me.” Luke 10:16




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