Pastoral Council



Mission: The purpose of the St. Thomas the Apostle Church Parish Pastoral Council is to promote the spiritual growth of the parish community and to plan ways for the parish to carry out the mission of the Church. The Council is a consultative body which makes recommendations of matters of major pastoral concern to the Parish Pastor. The Pastor is to consult with the Council on all matters of major pastoral concern.  The Council’s recommendations deal with pastoral plans and policies, and not with acts of administration.

Ministry Leader

Jeff Jetton

Who Should Sign Up?


Key Duties (some examples)

  • Represent Parishioners by attending  Monthly PC Meetings and provide advice & council to our Pastor
  • Serve as Liaisons to our Ministries
  • Organize Annual Ministry Fair
  • Organize Annual Snow Cone Sunday
  • Develop and Lead Parishioner Surveys
  • Read Pulpit Announcements at Mass
  • Monitor Parishioner Suggestion Box
  • Church Website Improvement Project
  • Other Ad Hoc projects as requested by our Pastor

How to Sign Up

Time Commitment & How to Get Involved This Ministry that provides a great venue for those who are interested in getting more involved in our Parish.  Members of the Pastoral Council typically serve for a 2 year term, with an “optional” 3rd year.  In addition to attendance at the monthly meeting, PC members are also asked to serve on subcommittees to work on various projects as requested by our Pastor.  If you are interested in serving on the Pastoral Council, please contact Jeff Jetton.

The Pastoral Council is also always interested in hearing comments and questions from Parishioners.  If you have a comment, question or suggestion, please contact a member of the Pastoral Council, or you can also submit it to the PC Suggestion Box at:  We want to know what you think!!