Parish School of Religion


The mission of the Parish School of Religion (PSR) is to provide programs that enable the family to journey in faith by coming to a deeper understanding of the message of Christ, by experiencing a Christian Community and by guiding them to worship, to pray, and to serve others.

The Parish School of Religion is designed for students in Kindergarten through the 8th grade who attend public schools. Classes are held on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Students learn basic techniques and traditions of the Catholic faith.


Expect to commite approximately 12 hours a month.

Catechist… What’s in the name?

“I don’t know when, or where, or how it happened, but I used to be a religious teacher and now I am a catechist,” reflected a woman who had been teaching religion in a Catholic school for more than fifteen years.

What is a catechist?

Interesting enough catechist is not a new term. It has its roots in the very early church. It comes from a Greek word meaning, to teach, to inform. In the time of St. Augustine the word took on the meaning to respond, to echo, to sing out. “Catechesis” is the process of helping people acquire and deepen Christian faith and identity. This happens through initiation rites, instruction, and formation of conscience. Catechesis includes the message presented and captured by the heart. It has been chosen as the word that best describes the process that includes instruction…but also goes beyond that to commitment, action and involvement. It is a word used almost exclusively by the Catholic community. Parents, teachers, principals in Catholic schools, directors of religious education, deacons, priests, and bishops are catechists. All of these catechists have their own role and unique responsibilities in helping people acquire and deepen Christian faith.

Ministry Leader

Dcn. Michael Garrett
Director of Religious Education
770-432-8579 Ext 112

Who Should Sign Up?

Requirements: Received First Communion, Received Confirmation, Over the Age of 18, Over the Age of 21, Male, Female

A catechist is committed to four things:

  • To proclaim the mysteries of faith
  • To foster community
  • To encourage worship and prayer
  • To motivate service to others

If you were simply teaching the facts of Christian Doctrine, you probably could rest comfortably with the expression PSR teacher. If you teach religion, very much in the manner one conscientiously teaches math, or reading, you would probably find the term religion teacher adequate. But if you reflect not only on what you do but who you are in that religion class, you might find that you are a catechist. The question is not WHAT a catechist is, but WHO is a catechist…and the answer might be, “I am a catechist.”

How to Sign Up

We are always looking for people interested in Handing–on-the-Faith at all levels of our program from the young children to the adults… if you are interested in being a Catechist please call the Faith Formation Office at 770-432-5296.