African Parishioners Organization


The African Parishioners organization (APO) at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish, guided by the teachings of the catholic faith and rooted in the African heritage, seeks to promote the spirituality of Africans/descendants at the church through fellowship. The organization strives to integrate its members to the St. Thomas the Apostle community by engaging in projects and activities that advance the interest of the parish, thereby shares its African liturgical tradition in the spirit of one universal church.


  • Support member’s aspirations and encourage mutual understanding among them
  • Virtual Sunday rosary
  • Outreach programs/activities to support families
  • Meet every third Sunday of the month (pre-pandemic)
  • Organize yearly Africa Day events (pre-pandemic)
  • Cultural, religious and church related youth programs (pre-pandemic)
  • The African Choir—sings at 11.30 mass (pre-pandemic)

Ministry Leader

Chidozie Onwuliri

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