Just Faith changes people... And those people change the world.

Just Faith

“The Parable of the River Children”

One summer in the village, the people gathered for a picnic. As they shared food and conversation, someone noticed a child in the river, struggling and crying out for help. The child was going to drown!

Someone rushed to save the child. Then, they noticed another crying child in the river, and they pulled that child out. Soon, more children were seen drowning in the river, and the townspeople were pulling them out as fast as they could. It took great effort, and they began to organize their activities to save the children as they came down the river. As everyone else was busy in the rescue efforts, two townspeople started to run away along the shore.

“Where are you going?” shouted one of the rescuers. “We need you here to help us save these children!”

“We are going upstream,” they shouted back, “to see why the children are falling into the river.”

This story touches the core of why we exist as Christians and more so as Catholics. Our Catholic faith and Biblical tradition extend an extraordinary invitation to each of us and to our faith communities to become agents of God’s compassion and healing in a wounded world. The Good News of Christ is both a comfort and a promise for the poor and, at the same time, a call to those of us who are not poor to be linked with God’s vision of healing and reconciliation.

“… in the name of God: respect, protect, love and serve life, every human life! Only in this direction will you find justice, development, true freedom, peace and happiness!” — Pope John Paul II (Evangelium Vitae)

Through the Just Faith program following the modules from the Just Faith Ministries, the parish is able to offer extended programs that provide opportunities for individuals to study and be formed by the justice tradition articulated by the Scriptures, the Church’s historical witness, theological inquiry and Church’s social teaching. At the moment the parish through adult education office offers Just Faith, Just Matters and engaging spirituality, as part of the just faith programs.

These programs help individuals experience conversion, integrating their personal spirituality with social commitment. Participants are empowered to develop a passion and thirst for justice and to express this passion in concrete acts of social ministry in their parish or church and in the community at large.
These programs are tools that have proven time and again to be effective strategies for training and forming individuals as agents of social transformation. They form exciting opportunities for our parishioners to develop small faith communities interested in expanding and promoting social ministry.

The Adult Education Department invites you to participate in our Just Faith program and encounter the Good News that Jesus brought to the poor.

  • Why Participate?

· To gain a better understanding of the Church’s social mission from Scripture and Catholic social teaching
· To integrate personal spirituality and compassion to meet the needs of a broken world

  • What Is Involved?

· Weekly 2-1/2 hour meetings
· Retreats in September and April
· Four immersion experiences
· About two hours of reading weekly
· Cost: About $140 per person for books- subject to change. (paid in installments)

  • Who Should Participate?

· People who are looking for a deep spiritual experience
· People who want to experience their faith in community
· People who have participated in the RCIA
· People who want to grow their compassion and expression of love for their neighbor

  • How Do I Sign Up or Get More Information?

Contact the Adult Education Office:

Linda Veit:
lveit@stthomastheapostle.org call: 770-432-8579 ext 131

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