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No Doubt!

Welcome to our St. Thomas the Apostle newsletter NO-DOUBT! I am very pleased you are taking the time to learn more about the people, the groups and the activities that constitute our parish life here at St. Thomas.

The number one goal for the newsletter is to improve communication throughout our faith community. As your pastor, one of the most regular refrains I hear from parishioners is, “I didn’t know that!”
“No Doubt” can be one step toward addressing this.

You may wonder why we have titled this “No Doubt.” Our patron, St. Thomas the Apostle, often has been referred to as the “Doubting Thomas.” It was not that he did not have faith in the Risen Jesus; it was more a desire on his part to have “no doubt” as he put his hands into the wounds of the crucified and risen Lord. He had a personal encounter with the Lord and he believed.
In each edition you will:

  • Updates on our efforts to build a new church
  • What’s happening in our multitude of ministries
  • Photos of events and parishioners
  • Meet a Family Feature
  • Learn more about our priests
  • Inspirational Articles
  • … and more

I’m hopeful that you may want be a part of this project by sharing something about your experience of parish life at St. Thomas, or about sharing in the many ministries and activities of our St. Thomas Community. You can reach out to Yolanda Rodríguez at, or any of the other members of the newsletter committee to help work on future newsletters via e-mail.
“No Doubt” is one of the means that can help us to become better engaged with each other and in the mission of our parish community. No Doubt = Conviction. May this new instrument of communication help us to share the convictions of our faith, and the convictions of our discipleship and service among this faith community we know and love as St. Thomas the Apostle.