Dear Parents,

In this year of COVID-19 St. Thomas’ Faith Formation programs and sacramental programs are finally getting under way. We are so excited about all the students that are preparing for Confirmation, Baptism, 1st Reconciliation and 1st Eucharist. This preparation takes many different materials and the registration fee does not cover these extra costs. While our families faithfully paid their registration fee they were asked to wait until a later date to pay the Sacramental fees for their child/children.

Below is a list of our sacramental programs and fees. Our records indicate that your child is in the sacramental program that is highlighted.

Sacramental Program Fees per student

First Reconciliation & First Eucharist$50.00
Disciples Confirmation program (year I)$25.00
Apostles Confirmation program (year 2)$25.00
RCIT (Baptism and/or First Communion and year 1 of Confirmation)$50.00
First Reconciliation Only$25.00

We are asking our families to pay online:

To make a payment for your child’s sacramental program fee, please click on the following link. We greatly appreciate all of your support!

Para hacer el pago adicional del programa sacramental de su hijo, para favor haga clic en el siguiente enlace. Agradecemos todo su apoyo!

If you have any questions about your account give us a call at 770-432-5296, we can help.


The Religious Education Office